TBF Performance comes from the experience in the field of silicone and resin based materials for industrial applications, combined with the passion for the world of motorsport.


Our products are born from the need to achieve higher performance in modern turbo engines, often limited due to the low strength and reliability of traditional sleeves.


After various tests of materials and material combinations we have succeeded in obtaining sleeves with very high resistance to pressure, combined with the maximum applicable thermal resistance provided by silicone (over 240 ° C)


Each TBF Performance sleeve comes from a combination of industrial processes and skilled labor. The first phase is given by the preparation of materials such as silicone, pigments, resin and nylon fabric, which are then coupled going to create the base material for the realization of the sleeve. The processing of silicone sheets on the mold is a manual work only, which is entrusted only to highly experienced technicians, in order to guarantee a high quality sleeve.


Also from the aesthetic point of view, during the coloring phase, high quality natural pigments are used, to guarantee bright and long lasting colors, while for the finish an extra-gloss PVC film is used to obtain an unparalleled finish.


TBF Performance silicone sleeves are destined for competitive / sporting use, therefore in the catalog you will find mainly models of sports cars and motorcycles and / or of historical interest.


The applications of our sleeves range from the passage of water, air and in some cases also oils, such as motor oil and power steering (with appropriate internal treatment).


Silicone sleeves are not suitable for fuels.